The idea

The recovery project is a sum of actions in order to high light the figure of Agustin Luengo «The Extremaduran Giant «.

A scan of the Extremaduran Giant´s skeleton, taken on 29th December 2014, at the National Museum of Anthropology in Madrid, can be seen in the photo on the header of this page.

This digitization will be the basis for the construction of a replica of the skeleton and also a cast, the second being a piece of great value because through the study of the remains and the photographs obtained from the time, the piece will be reconstructed as intended by Dr. Velasco.

Comapració22nThe Project is counting on further actions, as detailed below:

Museum of the Extremaduran Giant

Manufacture a duplicate of the skeleton

Manufacture and reconstruction of thecast

– Supportforthebook“El Gigante de la Puebla” (TheGiantofPuebla) author Dolores Cerro.

-Support for the diffusion of the novel “El hombre que compraba gigantes” (Themanwhoboughtgiants)LuisTorres

-Duplicate in bronze of the boot that is preserved in the ethnographic museum of the village

– Support to the theatre on the life of Agustín «The disease that marked my life»

-Manufacture of astatue (Ninot) life-sizebyVicenteLorenzo, Valencianartist

– Pressreleases and media publications

– Developmentof a projectona Short-documentary addressing the life of Agustín,Dr. Velasco and society of thenineteenth century

-Development of ahistorical record ofthedocumentedfactsof Agustín´slife.

-Preparation of a conference on the Extremaduran Giant,  April2015

– Support for the awards «Extremeño Giant» (Extremaduran Giant)


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