Photograph identification

We started by using the only life photograph of Agustin Luengo Capilla (taken over140 years ago), we identified his mother but three mile stones were unknown: the date, place and a third subject

Agus (1)

From the press of the time, the documents we are currently recovering and now have in our possession, we knew he had been in Madrid in the last days of his life, from August 1875until 31st December of the same year, the date of his death.

From the analysis of the photograph, we understand it is a fundamental piece to expanding his history.


Date of the photograph, approximately 1874-1875, as you can see, Agustín was very tall ,remember at the end of his life he died at a height of 235cm.

Data, we know that Agustín was traveling with a circus in Andalucía and at the end of his life he was in Madrid, as reported by the press of the time.


Then begins the search for a photographer´s camera that could be the author of the photo, with the technique we possess and a street that appears in the photo in question. It is in the digital files where it shows us a subject which has an obvious physical resemblance to the subject that appears in the photograph.




And it would be His Majesty Alfonso XII, since he met with Agustín on3rd October 1875, as reflected in the press of the time (Newspaper The Correspondence of Spain).


Title: «The Correspondence of Spain»
Source: Digital Newspaper Library(BNE)
Date:3rdOctober 1875
To be sure, we are looking for more photos of His Majesty and observe his undeniable identity.




In the absence of finding the photographer and the exact location where it was made, we can say that the photograph of the Extremaduran Giant:

– It was taken in Madrid on3rdOctober 1875
– It is linked to the announcement in the newspaper The Correspondence of Spain from 3rd October 1875
-The subject who accompanies Agustín and his mother is SM Alfonso XII

We celebrate this discovery and we want to share it with our readers.


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